Cubivore is a strategy/action/adventure game in where you are put in the position of a Cubivore, a cube like animal that hunts other Cubivores, to become as strong as they can be. The main goal of the game is to defeat the killer Cubivore, and restore wilderness to the lands. This wiki is about Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest and its mutations!


In Cubivore, the main goal is to take down the killer Cubivore, restore wilderness to the land, and become king of all Cubivores. An intro cutscene in the game tells you the story of how the world became a white, barren wasteland. Creatures of ashen white bodies take over the once peaceful land, and rule. They hunt a large majority of Cubivores living in the land, and take it as their own. Slowly, wilderness disappears from the land. Plants and mountains slowly disappear, with many other things in nature. The land eventually becomes white, like the creatures that took it over. Not much wilderness is left, and most of the land is barren, with no features. The killer Cubivore leads the white creatures, and is the strongest Cubivore of all.

The first animal you play as is a pig. You strive to bring back wilderness to the land, And defeat the killer Cubivore, and return every thing back to normal, as it was, a long, long, time ago.


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Tirejack, the worst mutation of all time!


One small rumor of a Cubivore title being released as a launch title for the Switch. This is extremely unlikely, though, because of the unreliable source of this news coming from a few members of the Wii U reddit, and that no official news of a Cubivore sequel has been announced by Nintendo.

The release of a Cubivore sequel as a launch title for the switch has been proven as a hoax.

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