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Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest
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Pig, Bear, and bird

Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest is an Action-Strategy Game for the GameCube. It was Developed by Saru Brunei and intelligent systems, and was published in Japan by nintendo as Animal Leader, and published everywhere else by Atlus as Cubivore.


The world was once full of Wilderness, and Cubivores roamed across its untamed plains. However, then came the Colourless Beasts: They took up all wilderness in the land. Then, The world started to wither and fade, unless something is done. The Wilderness concentrated into Raw-Meat, which gave the beasts color. Then came the Killer Cubivore, boasting SIX pieces of Raw-Meat! Then, the Cubivore's first thought ever is to LIVE! So he threw the wilderness back by eating Wildabugs and stealing Raw-Meat.


In Cubvivore, you hunt other animals labeled Cubivores. Each Cubivore has its own power (Yellobrates with Sheer Strength and Defense, and Greyodons being Super Fast!). The Cubivore has to Mutate 100 times and battle all Bosses, then the Divabeasts and the Killer Cubivore. There are 150 Mutations. They come in, from Weakest to Strongest: Pale, PaleDark (Combination of Pale and Dark), Dark, Clash (A Certain mix of Rage Colors) and Rage. If the Cubivore being played as loses all of his meat, the player gets a Game Over.


See Cubivore:Survival of the Fittest/Mutations

Types of Cubivores

  • A Yellobrate is super strong! And even blocks well!
  • Redapeds can jump high! Too bad it can't attack well...
  • Bluocytes have Long Range Pouncing. They can also be knocked out in a few hits.
  • A Purpial has balance for all but Reverse, in which it excels at.
  • A Greyodon can race a Beam of Light. It also has a little power.


  • Cubviore was originally going to be released for the Nintendo 64 DD, but was later moved to the gamecube, early in it's development stages.
  • Cubviore toys were manufactured by Seton, and distributed in north America by diamond comics. They're extremely rare.
  • Cubivore didn't sell well in Japan, or America, and because of the unfavourable sales it has since become a rare game to find for the gamecube.
  • Prices of Cubivore can vary from $50 (Just the game disc) to $150+ (complete with manual, box art, case and the game disc).
  • Cubivore is one of eighteen cancelled (Or ported to a different console) 64 DD games.


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